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From human beings to hideous monsters, from sophisticated equipment and weapons to furious vehicles and aircrafts, our artists will transform your ideas into physical shape. Contact us to learn more on how we can help you.

Substantial experience with different modeling tools enables us to perform even the most complex tasks fast and with highest quality. Based on your specifications or our artists' sketches, we create marvelous 3D geometry for both real-time and non real-time usage.

At Bravo, we believe that distinctive characters make the difference between the great game and the rest. Visual expressiveness is what makes characters look distinctive. Having developed hundreds of different characters for more than a dozen of games of various genres and styles, we know exactly what it takes to create a distinctive, expressive character. Fantasy and Sci-fi, Cartoons and Photo-Realistic, Organic and Robotic, High- and Low-poly - our team takes care about your characters from idea and concept through modeling and texturing stage to rigging and final animations production.

Surroundings set the mood of the game. About 90% of what is displayed on the screen during the game is its scenery. Environment is the part of the game world that can enhance the player's sense of immersion dramatically. At the same time wrong environment destroys the sense of immersion in a blink. Armed with artistic flair and powerful tools and techniques, our specialists create state-of-the-art game levels. We have vast experience in creation of both indoor and outdoor locations and would be glad to accept new challenges and push environment design to a new, higher level.

Appropriate texturing greatly enhances overall appearance and perception of 3D models and level geometry, no matter how good they are. High quality realistic textures of any complexity, painted in specified artistic style are paramount for the creation of game that positively impresses the player. Bravo Interactive creates textures of any complexity and type, including specularity maps and normal maps that everyone drools over these days.

The reality is fierce, and even modern, top-notch 3D accelerators have their limitations. One of the ways to decrease the load over the visualization system is the creation of lesser level of detail models (LOD), preserving maximum resemblance with the original models. Our experience in modeling/optimization allows us to create quality LODs fast and to your specs, whether it be characters, creatures, buildings or vehicles.